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Quarantine 2020 Gift Guide

I love giving the perfect gift. You know the kind. The gift that looks like it was pulled right off of your instagram feed, so perfectly curated, so perfectly fitting, so perfectly unique but also on trend. The kind of gift that makes your recipient brag about receiving it for months and years to come. These types of gifts are hard to come by, but more importantly hard to come by in a sea of large big box stores and corporations. That being said, I have put together a list of small businesses with unique, adorable gift ideas that are either handmade or thoughtfully curated.


Love, Stella

One of my favorite newest small shops is Love, Stella. Started by a working mom who was born and raised in New York. Always being the creative, Nikki is curating the highest quality gift boxes and using items from other small businesses, women-run businesses and local markets to create the perfect gift giving experience. The boxes are not only beautiful but they are funny and cleverly themed. Check it out:

Lit Candle Supply

I found out about this company because I was gifted one of their candles. I was so giddy when I saw a little brown box in the mail and realized it wasn't from one of my own late night binge shopping episodes. Wrapped in their signature brown paper and sealed with it's corresponding scent-sticker, this is a go-to gift idea that is thoughtful and instagram worthy. Every candle is designed, made and shipped from their LA candle studio. With candle names like, "Fuck Negative Vibes" or "Happy Fucking Birthday!", there is no doubt this will be a talked about gift.


I am a sucker for irresistible treasures with a free-spirit style and a positive vibe and that is exactly what I found at XOCHITL. This Latina owned lifestyle brand is a cultural folk urban style shop, selling apparel, decor, and jewelry. You had me at Tacoholic.


With a motto like, ADULTS CAN BE SILLY TOO ... this shop instantly had my heart. Just when I think they couldn't possibly have more unique, fun things to choose from, I find myself adding more and more to my cart. They have really full-filled their promise of bringing their favorite tv and movie characters, cats, coffee and generally cool stuff to life.

Lace and Pearls

Just as the name implies, Lace and Pearls is a beautiful, delicate, handmade jewelry shop based in Seattle. Shop owner Asa is also the designer behind Lace & Pearls Jewelry. Marrying both the minimal and feminine aesthetic makes this company uniquely special. I love giving thoughtfully handmade items that are high quality and support female entrepreneurs.

Brownie Points

Based in Silver Lake, California, this shop creates limited run products. If they sell out, you missed it! This shop is a whole mood. Giving that 70's vibe with the saturated oranges, yellows and purples, each product is uniquely feminine, with a message. Aesthetic and Equal Rights. And yes, women should cum first.


That's all I got for now. Let me know how your orders turn out.