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About Small Street

Think of our website as your way to digitally connect with your neighborhood businesses. Bring your community (a.k.a the earth) together while social distancing. As a small business supporter, you can help keep the shop local momentum going any day of the year. And as a small business owner, you can widen your "local" radius to global proportions. 


Now, more than ever, we need to pledge to stay home and shop small. We want this to be a space for the community to find local artisans, boutiques, mom-and-pop shops etc... and make a big impact for our hard working neighbors. 

Join Small Street

We know that as a small business it is hard to get the word out about your shop. The days of independently owned shops in busy shopping districts are far behind us. We made it easy to take that foot traffic digital. Sharing the customers from your peers small business helps widen our network.

Human beings seek a feeling of belonging in the towns in which they live. It is only natural to seek connections with those we share our neighborhoods with. Not surprisingly, we trust our friends more than we trust ads, so sharing our favorite small business is more effective than other types of marketing. 

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